Trellus Quick Start Guide

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New Delivery Request

The New Delivery Request will allow you to input a new Trellus delivery that can be scheduled to be picked up ASAP or schedule ahead for pick-up at a later date!

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Menu Bar 

From the Menu Bar you can access delivery history, create Batch Deliveries, access our rate calculator for estimated shipping rates, and call up additional account information and resources. 


New Batch Delivery 

Batch up to 49 deliveries at once with our batch delivery process. 


Rate Calculator

Calculate estimated delivery rates so you can align on shipping charges for your customers. 



Download and use Trellus assets for social media posts, website banners/ads and e-blasts!


Account Integrations 

Seamless connection with your Shopify, Wix, & WooCommerce Shops.


Account Settings

Update account information.

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