How do I create a batch delivery?

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Save time & money by grouping multiple deliveries at once!

If you have multiple deliveries going out that are close in geography, use our Batch Delivery option! If your business can be high-volume, we suggest when a delivery order comes in to wait a bit to give time for others to group. When you place your Batch Delivery, all the items will be picked up together. We will optimize the delivery route to save time, energy, and money!


Please note there is a 250lb total limit for batches.


4 Easy Steps!

  • Step 1: Download our Excel (windows) / Numbers (mac) template or copy the Google Doc.

  • Step 2: Delete sample data in file and enter your delivery information. (One delivery per line, max of 49, do not change column headers)

  • Step 3: Go to 'File' then ** “Save File As” or “Export to” a CSV file. **

  • Step 4: Upload your CSV file on the Batch Deliveries Page!


How Batching works:




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