How does Trellus work?

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1. Set-Up An Account & Subscribe           Trellus-Illustrations-05.png

Get started by setting up your account on our delivery HUB! Your subscription includes access to The Trellus network of drivers and a real-time delivery tracking system for every delivery. Once you complete your sign up, you may start shipping right away!


If you are a Shopify, Wix or WooCommerce Store Owner you will use your account to integrate our Same-Day Delivery App found in the App Store.


2. Offer Same-Day Delivery At Check-Out            Trellus-Illustrations-06.png

Once you've added the Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce Same-Day Local Delivery By Trellus App from the App store to your shop you can set up store hours, delivery details and driver pick-up instructions. Subscription includes unlimited access to Trellus drivers and  a delivery tracking system. If you don't have an online store on Shopify, Wix or WooCommerce, but still need to ship, that's not a problem! Trellus offers services to set-up online e-commerce stores for any business.

Click here to learn why it's important to integrate Same-Day Delivery By Trellus at check-out

3. Package Your Order           Trellus_boxes.png

Be sure to prepare and pack the order before your print you print your shipping label. Once a shipping label is purchased a Trellus Driver will be sent to pick up your delivery. We have a few limitations for packages:

  • Max size measuring L36" x W36" x H36"
  • Package weight a maximum of 50lbs
  • No shipping hazardous materials

View all delivery requirements: Terms & Conditions


4. Purchase & Print Shipping Label         Trellus-Illustrations-07.png

After the order is prepared for delivery, you're ready to purchase and print a shipping label. Once a shipping label is purchased, Trellus will immediately dispatch a driver to pick up your order.

* You will be notified once the driver is en route *

Visit pricing for details about our delivery rates & fees.


5. Tracking & Delivery           Trellus-Illustrations-09__1_.png

Customers will be notified that their package is on the way. Your delivery driver will be available to the customer  assuring a successful delivery! Shop owners and customers will be able to track their packages journey and receive photo proof of delivery.

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