How long does a delivery take once it's picked up?

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Our goal is to deliver your package ASAP. However, as a same-day delivery service, we guarantee that your package will arrive before the end of day on the day it was picked up. Our dispatch team selects the most efficient route, so unless the drop-off is very local to the pick-up location, more likely than not the driver will complete various deliveries en route from the most recent pick-up location.


If you need a package delivered by a certain time, you can leave a note on the delivery. The live dispatcher will do their best to meet the request by routing the driver accordingly. We ask that you make sure there is enough time for that request, keeping in mind time of day and traffic. If you're not sure, please reach out to us using our chat bot, where you can speak to a live team member or give us a call 833-562-2554 

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