How To Add Delivery By Trellus At Check-Out: using the Trellus Shopify App

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Click here to install the Trellus Shopify App to add Same-Day Local Delivery by Trellus at check-out to your Shopify store.

Note: Carrier Calculated Shipping MUST be enabled in your Shopify Account first. Learn how to do that here.




How It Works:

After you have set up your Delivery Schedule and exclude any over-weight (more than 35lbs), over-sized (36x36x36) or non deliverable by Trellus products, your store is now ready to deliver orders same-day!

  • Same-Day Local Delivery by Trellus will appear as an option to your customers who are in range of your store location(s) for same-day delivery by Trellus.
  • When an order is placed using Trellus as the shipping option, it will appear in the "Orders" tab within the Trellus app, as well as your Shopify store orders page.
  • Package the order as soon as it is received.
  • Once the package is ready for pick-up, purchase and print your Trellus shipping label from the "Orders" tab
  • When a shipping label is purchased, a Trellus driver will be dispatched to your store location to pick up the package AND your customer will be notified with a tracking number!
  • When the delivery is complete both you and the customer will receive a proof of delivery (POD) email.




Setting Up Your App:

After installing the Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery app, you'll find it under the Apps tab in your account. Navigate the pages here to set up your account.



Welcome Page:

On the Welcome Page, you'll notice three different tasks that all need to be checked off in order for the Trellus Same-Day Delivery app to work.



1. Make sure Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled in your Shopify Account. (Learn more about how to do that here.) Some Shopify plans include it, others have an additional monthly fee. Depending on your plan, you will need to reach out to Shopify's customer support to have them manually turn this feature on for you.


2. Linking your Trellus account to Shopify using your Trellus Authorization Code. You can find your authorization code here, or by going to Menu >> Account Integrations in your Trellus Dashboard



3. In the Trellus Shopify App, the third line will be checked off once you set your Delivery Schedule which occurs in the next tab



Delivery Schedule:

Select which days and respective cut-off times for which you will be offering Same-Day Delivery by Trellus. Think of the cut-off time as the latest time you will be available to package and print a shipping label for pick up by Trellus.

For orders that are placed after your cut-off time customers will be informed that their order will arrive the next day. If your shop is not open the following day, the customer will be informed with the next day you are available and open to package and fulfill the order.





This is where you will exclude any over-weight (more than 35lbs), over-sized (36x36x36) or products not eligible to be deliverable by Trellus. Products that have a weight set (through Shopify) over 50 pounds will exclude Trellus from being shown as on option at checkout.

Packages 36-50lbs. are subject to an overweight fee of $4 per package charged separately.

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You will need to come to this page to purchase a shipping label and dispatch one of our drivers on all orders with Same-Day Delivery by Trellus chosen as the shipping option. 

(The order will also show in your Shopify orders page, however since we are a third party shipping option, you must manage and fulfill Same-Day Delivery by Trellus deliveries from the orders tab in the Trellus App only.)


You will have to press Purchase Label for each delivery. 




If your business has multiple locations we automatically pull inventory from the nearest location to fulfill this order. The system automatically charges the customer one rate, made up of both delivery costs. The system treats it as multiple delivery requests (see below; the order # will be the same). Because this is two different delivery requests, store pick ups and customer dropoff times may differ.



A Purchase Label & Dispatch Driver pop-up will appear. If the customer did not put in a phone number on their order you will have to add that in here. Our system requires a phone number for text message updates when the driver is arriving. If you don't know the customer's phone number, please use your own. 


In addition if you have any notes about dropoff or pick up they will go here.

Dropoff Note:

Delivery Instructions are very important. You should leave delivery instructions in the following scenarios:

  • The destination is a business with a closing time.
  • The driver needs to pick up through a door other than your store's front door.
  • The recipient has a gate code to access their property.
  • The recipient has a specific location where they would like the package left.

Pickup Note:

Similarly, you should leave pickup instructions in the following scenarios:

  • Your business closes at a certain time.
  • You have a gate code.
  • You have a preference on which door the driver comes to pickup.


If the item is ready for pickup and the phone number and any notes are filled out, you're ready to press Submit Delivery Request to dispatch one of our drivers.

The Purchase Label button will change to View Label , which will open another window with a pdf of your Trellus delivery label to place on the package.


ViewLabel.pngNote: The “View Label” button links to the Trellus Dashboard, so you must be signed in on another tab on the device you're using Shopify on to properly view the label.


Helpful Tip: We recommend updating your Shopify settings to also require shipping address phone number of the customer: Settings >> Checkout >> Customer Information




Automatic Order Fulfillment Status:


When your Trellus driver completes a delivery, our system will automatically update the order status on your Shopify dashboard.

This means that the moment your customer's order is fulfilled, they will receive a notification, keeping them in the loop about their delivery saving you an extra step.

This feature eliminates manual updates, saving you time and effort in managing your orders.

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