Integrating carrier-calculated shipping with Shopify

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Trellus is a trusted third-party partner with Shopify! As a Trellus Merchant, you can enable third-party Carrier Calculated Shipping within Shopify. This will give you access to real time delivery rates within the Trellus platform. There are a few ways that Carrier Calculated Shipping can be enabled: 

  1.  Contact your Shopify Representative and ask to add this service to your plan. ($20 per month additional).
  2. Carrier Calculated Shipping is included when you change your billing schedule to ANNUAL

As a direct integration with Shopify, Trellus creates local delivery zones using Shopify’s built-in feature. This feature allows you to offer delivery options at check-out and, as needed, collect enough money from the customer to cover Trellus’ delivery rate when creating a Delivery Request on our website. 

Each Zone will cover a 5-mile radius from the store location. The delivery price for each zone will be the highest dollar amount for the mileage within that Zone.

This feature will allow for seamless integration with Trellus and the back-end of your Shopify site. 


Click here to learn how to add Delivery by Trellus at check-out for Shopify

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