Getting to know your Delivery Dashboard

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Welcome to the Delivery Dashboard

For optimal viewing, please use a computer or a tablet. The page is not yet optimized for cell phone viewing, unless, you can turn your phone to landscape mode.




Everything all in one place: Here you'll find all your estimated pickup and drop-off times right from your dashboard view.

The Status column is color-coded, with a live ETA for pickup and drop-offs. They will update throughout the day according to traffic and if there's any deliveries along the way.


Let's dive into what all those colors mean!


Screenshot_2023-04-28_at_3.21.05_PM.png Your new delivery request has been received by our system and is waiting to be assigned to a driver. 
A driver has been assigned to the delivery, but is not yet on their way to you. You will see the Estimated pick-up time here, which will update according to traffic and if there's any deliveries along the way.
Screenshot_2023-05-05_at_9.53.17_AM.png The driver picked up the delivery but is not yet on the way to the drop-off. The Estimated drop-off time will appear here and will update according to traffic and if there's any deliveries along the way.
Screenshot_2023-04-28_at_3.22.38_PM.png The driver is now on their way to the drop-off location.
Screenshot_2023-04-28_at_3.16.15_PM.png Your delivery was successfully completed!
Screen_Shot_2023-05-01_at_10.32.12_AM.png The batch was completed, but not every delivery within the batch was completed. You can see the details in your batch delivery page.

Either you or an admin cancelled the delivery

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 3.13.28 PM.png

Delivery was canceled


We were unable to pick-up the item.


This could mean a few things. Perhaps the recipient refused the delivery, wasn't home to sign for the item if required, or the gate code was not known. 


Filtering your deliveries has never been easier. You can sort by the following filters:

  • All for every delivery
  • Current for the deliveries for today
  • Future for scheduled deliveries
  • Archive for all completed deliveries.


We used to ask you to go into a separate Batch page to print Batch Delivery labels. Now, you can go up to the three-dot menu and print them all at once!


With the new Expand Batch Deliveries toggle, you can view each delivery within that batch in one view from your dashboard.



Batch updates:

  • The default view shows the number of delivery requests you submitted as part of the Batch. The Expand Batch Deliveries view shows the Order # of each individual delivery drop-off.
  • The Batch Detail view offers more information about each delivery in the batch.
  • You can reschedule a Batch request (as well as a Scheduled Delivery) any time before the pickup is assigned to a driver.


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