What happens if a delivery is 'failed'?

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A failed delivery is a delivery that was unable to reach its final destination. A few reasons why a delivery would be considered a "fail" are: 

  • A recipient refuses it.
  • The merchant requires a signature or 21+ ID and nobody is home.
  • The wrong address was put on the label and we can't get in touch with anyone to verify the correct address.
  • Inclement weather where the item will get destroyed. Example: flowers when it's too cold or chocolates when it's too hot.

When a delivery is considered a fail, the merchant will be charged for the driver to return it to the store. If you want the package left regardless of weather conditions, signature, etc., please leave a delivery note indicating that. You can also leave a note alerting the driver to call your business if nobody is home, so that you can contact the customer and make a decision on what to do.

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